Fertility Struggles (1)

My husband and I have been married for nine years. From the beginning of our marriage we both wanted to have a big family (“four or five children or even more”). We didn’t exactly plan children, but we were definitely open for them to come anytime.

Nothing happened. Not in our honeymoon. Not later.

We weren’t impatient. It was somehow convenient that no children were at the horizon yet. I completed my law education without interruption. And I finished my second degree in business administration. And I began my career at one of the big international law firms. And we advanced in years.

One day I talked with my ob-gyn. He said we shouldn’t worry as we had plenty of time. Year after year nothing happened. I took heart and started insisting that the ob-gyn should check me more thoroughly. He did. Everything  seemed ok. He suggested that my husband should get some tests done. Not easy to convince my husband about that. It took some time.

The results were devastating. But we didn’t quite understand the implications. I happened to be at my ob-gyn’s one evening and my husband picked me up. The ob-gyn took advantage of the both of us being there together and suggested to talk us through the results. That was the first time that someone really explained clearly to us what was going on. He suggested further examination in a specialised fertility clinic.

My heart broke. We walked home through the dark and stormy English Garden. I cried and cried. And finally I cried out to God. To do a miracle and let us get pregnant. My husband stayed calm. He consoled me and assured me that God was in control and that we would be parents in his timing. I challenged God to show his power.

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