The Perfection Monster

Do you know the perfection monster?

I call it “monster” because it is something really unhelpful and ugly in my life.

Perfectionism seems to run in my family. My mother struggles with it. My younger sister struggles with it.

My mother now lives a life where she can be as perfectionist as she wants to be. Nobody cares if it takes her a whole day per week to do the ironing just for herself and my dad. When we were younger, we cared. And it really bothered us as a family. Because most of the time the household chores and the decorating of our home seemed to be much more important for her than we children.

My sister is a perfectionist as well. And she really struggles with it. It is not a happy life that she lives. For example: Perfectionism caused many problems in her studies with the result that it took her nearly fifteen years to complete her degree.

I was a perfectionist as well. And it stressed me a lot. For example, I couldn’t finish my doctoral thesis. I battled the perfectionism by consciously not worrying over the outcome of my work. Just do it and not worry whether I could have done it better or not.

Now that I have started blogging, perfectionism raises its ugly head again. I start to think about my posts and how I could word my thoughts better.

It is a decision to just post and not look back.

How do you handle perfectionism and blogging?

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