Fertility Struggles (3)

Read Part 1 and Part 2 of our fertility struggles first.

We were scheduled for a weekend trip to Istanbul, Turkey, the very same evening. It was an invitation and we couldn’t back out despite the devastating news. Therefore we pulled ourselves together and hit the road.

It was a beautiful trip and showed us that life will move on. In the inside we were raw and vulnerable though. And God really challenged us during that trip to deal with our emotions.

For lunch we were seated at a table with two other couples. Both (1) were parents to four children each. This is a considerable family size in Germany where the average family has one or two children.

Later in the evening we talked to a couple that beamed  with joy. She was pregnant, exactly as far along as I was. Her child was living, mine was dead in my womb. God helped us not to become bitter but rejoice with her. But it was difficult!

The curettage took place in the next week. Just one day before my 35th birthday.

Have you ever felt hopelessness in your life despite being the child of our awesome and loving God?

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