Pregnany and Birth (1)

Please refer to my posts on our fertility struggles Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

I realized that I was pregnant two months into my new nine-to-five-job. That was in early May 2011. I had a six-months’ probation period and decided not to tell anyone that I was pregnant during the probation period.

Thank God, the pregnancy went well. I had no major problems with morning sickness, though I felt tired and nauseated especially in the afternoons. I was afraid, however, to miscarry again. For a couple of weeks I had constant bleedings. This kept me on the edge.

However, I got more and more confident when the pregnancy progressed. And I was just so unbelievably happy and thankful!

The birth date was calculated to be end of January/early February 2012. Mid-January I had a midwife appointment. The midwife confirmed this date. However, little C. decided to have her own timing!

Starting at 2 am I started to feel ill. I didn’t realize at all that this could be due to labor contractions. I thought that maybe I didn’t tolerate the big pizza I had eaten for lunch the day before.

Because I hadn’t felt any baby moves for a couple of hours, my husband insisted that we should go to the hospital and check whether everything was allright with the baby. I agreed to go there in the morning because I didn’t want to bother anyone because of nothing.

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