Pregnancy and Birth (2)

Please read part 1 here.

We arrived at the hospital at 6:54 am at the same time with another lady and her husband. She was obviously in active labor. Watching her breathe trough contractions confirmed my strong presumption that at least I wasn’t in labor.

However, the midwife thought otherwise. She told us that we would get to know our daughter the very same morning. We couldn’t believe it! My husband left immediately to fetch my hospital bag from home.

When he came back at about 8 am, we registered at the hospital administration and organized a room. The midwife had called my gynecologist and asked us to be back in the delivery room at 9 am. I still found the pain quite bearable. However, as 9 am approached the contractions became more and more painful and I couldn’t talk through them anymore.

Next to the delivery room the neonatal care unit is located. On our way back to the delivery room, we met a lady with a seven days old little boy. We talked to her and admired the baby. I still couldn’t imagine that I would hold my own little baby the very same morning.

Back at the delivery room, I met my gynecologist and she checked on me. She confirmed that it wouldn’t take me too long before we could meet the baby. The pain got increasingly intense. I was unable to lay on the bed and got up. The next half hour was pretty hard. One contraction followed the other without pause. When I was asked to  lay down again for the final phase of the delivery I was not amused at all. I was nearly unable to change my position from standing to laying down. The urge to push nearly took over. I could hold back one more contraction. Then I was allowed to push! One push, my bag of waters broke and little C. was born!

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2 Responses to Pregnancy and Birth (2)

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  2. Wow, what a wonderful and pleasant birth experience you had! Praise God!

    Thanks so much for sharing and link up!


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