After the Birth

Reading the birth story, the birth of little C. sounds like a breeze. It wasn’t of course. However, it was blessed and I am glad and thankful that the hospital made an all natural birth possible. There was no medication, no CTG, no pressure timewise, no rushing and running in and out of the delivery room.

The baby was put onto my chest immediately after it was born for bonding reasons. My husband cut the cord. We stayed together in the delivery room for nearly two hours. Then, the midwife realized that I kept loosing more blood than usual. To be honest, there was a huge amount of blood everywhere. I was rushed into the surgery, while little C. was cleaned and dressed and put into my husband’s arms.

Recovery went well (though another surgery was necessary a couple of weeks later due to the so-called placenta accreta).

I came home with C. on the 18th January. It was a beautiful, sunny and very cold day. We walked home from the hospital.

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