550-Pound WWII Bomb detonated in my Hometown

On Monday a 550-pound WWII bomb was found just 2 km (1.2 miles) from our home Munich. Authorities evacuated thousands from the densely populated area where the bomb was found. Others (in a wider protective circuit around the site where the bomb was found) had to stay in their homes or offices. My husband was caught in his office as well and couldn’t come home.

Due to a dangerous chemical delayed-action detonator the bomb couldn’t be defused but had to be brought to explosion. The explosion took place yesterday night. It was a loud bang and quite scary. You can see pictures here (link to the online edition of the local newspaper).

My grandfather often told a story from WWII: He helped to evacuate a hospital in Krakow. Carrying down the last patient into the basement the hospital got hit by a bomb. Both, he and the patient, were thrown down the stairs. The house collapsed and everyone was buried in the basement. My grandfather often told us about the sounds of the approaching airplanes, the dropping bombs and the explosions.

I was reminded of that yesterday evening. It must have been awfully scary for the civil population with hundreds of thousands of bombs dropping down in those bomb nights.

Only one patient died in that hospital that day. All other patients and helpers were digged out a couple of hours later. My grandfather often said that he felt like having received another life.

Yesterday’s explosion caused material damage due to the blast (e.g. broken windows) and burning debris. Praise the Lord that nobody was injured and that most residents could return to their appartements.

According to newspaper reports, tens of thousands of unexploded bombs are believed still to be lying in the ground in Germany. Several of them have chemical fuses that will go off one day.

Do you have similar threads in the area where you live?

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