Travel preparations

This week was a busy week for our family:

1. My husband’s birthday was on Monday.

2. Tuesday we had our anniversary.

3. We travel to the U.S. tomorrow.

The trip was only scheduled very recently, i.e. two weeks ago. Fortunately we got a quite decent flight (though without baby seat; don’t know how this will work out). To be honest, I am bit nervous about the journey. We will fly from Munich to Frankfort (only a 40 min flight) and from there to Atlanta (ca. 10 hours). And of course, there is the to and fro from home to the airport, between terminals and from the airport to our accommodation.

Wednesday I went to the city office to fetch little C.’s passport. Her “old” children’s passport (only two months old ) had to be invalidated because we travel to the U.S. and she needs an “adult” passport with biometric data. A children’s passport can be updated (the picture, the height etc.). An adult’s passport can’t. A children’s passport costs 13 EUR. An adult’s passport costs 37 EUR (plus express fee of 32 EUR). We got pictures taken twice. Just ridiculous…

And then I pulled together a packing list and started packing. Wow, that is different with a baby! I am still not sure whether I can bring baby food into the U.S. or not. As I couldn’t find out, I pack some baby food for the first couple of days. If the U.S. don’t allow for it to be imported, I trash it. Hopefully this won’t be necessary though.

Please pray that we have an uneventful, good flight and a good acclimatization.

Have you got any last-minute tips for traveling by plane with a baby? Or which U.S. brands of baby food to choose? And of course I would be very grateful to learn how to best help the baby with the time zone changes! Thank you so much for your comments!

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