To finish up the series on our stay in the U.S. below some pictures from Charleston, SC.

From Folly Beach it was only a short drive to Charleston city. One Saturday we enjoyed a lovely sightseeing tour with Charleston History Tours. It was a walking tour through the historic district of Charleston. Our tour guide Joyce (who is pictured with our little one in one of the photos below) explained a lot about the historic background of Charleston and gave very useful tips on how to make great pictures of the historic sites. Should you ever visit Charleston and do not mind walking, I can really recommend doing her tour.

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2 Responses to Charleston

  1. Valerie says:

    She gave you some great tips because those photos are AWESOME! 😀

  2. Thanks! She really gave some great tips and had some in-depth history knowledge as well (though I have to admit that I was most of the time diverted by my little one and couldn’t always pay attention…)! I don’t know whether you have ever had the chance to visit Charleston – it is really worth a visit. And it was a good time of the year as well, not too hot anymore!

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