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I have decided to continue blogging in German and on a different website… This is due to the fact that the time I want to use for blogging is very limited. Therefore it is quicker and easier for me to blog in my mother tongue. Apologies to my English-speaking readers! Advertisements

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550-Pound WWII Bomb detonated in my Hometown

On Monday a 550-pound WWII bomb was found just 2 km (1.2 miles) from our home Munich. Authorities evacuated thousands from the densely populated area where the bomb was found. Others (in a wider protective circuit around the site where the bomb was … Continue reading

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Never ending housework – not a problem?!

When I worked as a business consultant and as a lawyer, I had the wonderful feeling of having something accomplished most of the days. There were deadlines to meet, projects to finish, meetings to organize and hold, presentations to prepare … Continue reading

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